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Tingkat Service or home food delivery meals in singapore is available from Mondays to Fridays excluding weekends and public holidays.  Menus are rotated on a monthly basis. Short term tingkat tTrial packages are  available. 

All meals  come in either Tingkat (tiered metal containers) or disposable microwaveable containers. To order, simply fill in your details below and we'll respond to you promptly.

First Encounter With Tingkat

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Being a Stay-at-home-Mum (SAHM) in singapore who has an infant constantly attached to her presents problems of a very basic kind. For example, while I'm busy making sure my son is well-fed every 3.5 hours, how am I going to settle my own lunch and dinner?

So Husband and I decided to try this "tingkat" catering service . Basically, this is a food delivery service where meals are delivered to your doorstep in metal containers (tingkats). You can order 4 dishes or 3 dishes + 1 soup and the meals are different every day for a fairly long time, so you don't get tired of the same food over and over again.

Here is a picture of our very first tingkat meal, which we received today. The verdict? Well, it certainly wasn't gourmet cuisine, but it was decent (not too oily, tasty and fresh). Thank goodness for tingkat catering - otherwise poor mums like me would be starving to death (or subject to oily hawker food every day!) YAY. Click here to order your tingkat lunch & dinner food delivery meals

**This article was taken from My little Cyberspot.

Types of Tingkat Carriers

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Tiffin carriers, or tingkats, as they are known locally are essentially multi-tiered food containers. In ages past when hawker centers and eateries were not as readily available, workers would pack food in these containers for their lunch break. With the advent of better technology, these once humble containers have evolved to include thermal features that help keep food warm for longer periods and those with anti-spill seals. Designs have also been updated to keep up with changing trends. Here we feature several designs that are available in the market. To order your lunch or dinner tingkat delivery meals, click here. Thank you.

Tingkat of Yester Years
Basic Stainless Steel Tingkats
Picnic Ware Tiffin Box
Aladdin Modular Lunch Set
3-Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin Carrier
4-Piece Insulated Tiffin Set

Tingkat Delivery Is A Global Phenomenon

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Tingkat distributor in India
In Old Dhaka there are a number of markets. In these markets there are many shopkeepers who sit there from the time they open  shop to the time the shop closes.
Have you ever wondered how they get their lunch? They get their lunch from people who go to their homes, and bring it to their shops. They are the tingkat or  tiffin distributers. These people work under a particular person with whom these shopkeepers make a contract. 

The shopkeepers pay a fee with whom they make the contract and the tiffin carriers under them are paid a fee to carry out the distribution. They are assigned a particular area in which they go from house to house to  collect the tingkat / tiffin boxes and  distribute the tingkat meals to the relevant clients. Most of the tingkat food delivery distributers are women .  In singapore, many mums are unable to cook due to a hectic lifestyle and depend on tingkat caterers to deliver lunch and dinner food delivery meals. Click here to place your order for tingkat meal services.